The plan

I started my intensive coding preparation 1 month before the on-site interview and finished solving 60-70 questions, and that was all that was needed to break up the interviews. The trick is to master the CS basics below.

Solve 2 problems every day, if not more. Easy problems can vary and can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Medium problems were really difficult cracking the coding interview pdf for me (sometimes they were even easy). Time table for resolution of problems of average duration to 1 hour. After 15 minutes if you don't know the solution, look at it and try applying it. After an hour, if your solution doesn't work or can't pass some test cases, stop and look at the solution. This is a rough plan below, but feel free to mix it up a bit to avoid a homogeneous preparation.

• EASY completion of arrangements and chains (5 days) to be reliable.

• Do 1 media edit OR chains per day plus 1 linked list or easy rollback.

• Make trees and charts easily.

• Sort and search.

• Ask other remaining questions.

I concentrated my preparation on mastering most of the easy and medium questions and asked less than 10 questions with difficult questions. If I didn't understand a particular solution, I would simply search YouTube to try and find someone who could have explained the solution to me. One of those areas was the backup I struggle with.

I wish I could return an error

Leetcode premium has a section with specific company inquiries. ie There are a number of questions for Google, Facebook, etc. The biggest mistake I made was starting to prepare questions for Google. Those questions were incredibly difficult and as a result, it got worse and worse with nothing to do. Make sure to start with the easy questions first and then move on to the medium and hard questions.

My Favorite Premium Leetcode Features

Here are my top 3 options:

• Run multiple test cases with your solutions

• Generate a graph that allows you to compare your runtime with the time of other premium users.

• Looking for a sample solution with the best execution time entered by a co-user read code.

General advice

• Don't stress. I was living my life and giving my 100% to my current company while preparing for the interviews.

• Spend less time each day, but do it consistently for a month or two and make those few hours each day productive.

• Weekends are your best friends! Use them to the fullest. Personally, I had 1 "power weekend", as I call it, when I completed almost every question on easy-to-read code and some medium. That gave me a big boost, I think.

• The recruiter is your friend too! Before any interview, feel free to ask the recruiter for the interview format, expectations, preparation material, general advice, etc. This will help you to focus your attention on specific things because, otherwise, computing is a large area to deal with.

• Start with general preparation first, ie Udemy courses, YouTube videos, reading articles, and more. Keep the leetcode section to the end as it will be very effective in your interview if you have recently coded similar questions (in a period of about 1 month).

• Don't give it a full week just to code as you recommended. Mix it up a bit. Do some design from time to time. Check out some videos in between. Start enjoying the learning process!